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We get asked lots of questions so we thought it would be a udderly good idea to make up a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) blog.

1) How do I set up an order?

If you would like milk and more delivered to your doorstep you can set this up by giving us a call on 01556 620 374 or complete here our Contact Form.

2) Do you do milk in glass bottles?

Yes we do but unfortunately it is not our own milk in the 1 pint glass bottles.
We are currently working on our next project which involves glass bottles so keep following us for updates on this exciting projects.

3) Do you deliver on bank holidays?

We deliver every day apart from 2 days at Christmas and 2 days at New Year.

4) How do I change my order?

You can give us a ring on 01556 620 374, email us or via our Facebook page.
Changes need to be made before 3:30pm the day before your delivery.

For Monday deliveries, changes need to be made before 12noon on Saturday.
Make sure and quote your URN so can change the correct account.

5) Can you set up fortnightly orders?

Afraid this isn’t possible –our systems works on a weekly basis but you can add or amend your order at any time.

6) When will I receive my bill?

Bills are sent out every fortnight by email or left on your doorstep with your milk.
Please note that it is not a fortnight from when you started – they are set dates so it can get a bit confusing but just give us ring if you have any questions.

7) How do I pay my bill?

We do ask that your invoices are paid within 7 days of receiving them in order to keep everything up to date.

There are many, easy ways to pay your bill –

• Direct Debit – Safe – Simple – Secure
Never forget to pay your bill or have your account build up – one less thing to think about.
If you haven’t received a Direct Debit Form give us a ring on 01556 620 374 and we will get one to you or you can download our Direct Debit Form 

• Cheque or Cash (suspended during Covid-19)

In person at the office or left on doorstep (if leaving on the doorstep please let us know so we can advise the delivery driver to look for it).

• Bank Transfer
Full details will be on your bill. When paying via bank transfer it would be a big help if you could quote your unique reference number (URN).

• Over the phone
We can take card payments over the phone – just ring us on 01556 620 374.

• Healthy Start Vouchers
We accept Healthy Start vouchers. For more information about Healthy Start Vouchers visit their page –

8) I have a pile of glass bottles – what should I do with them?

Due to Covid-19 we have faced a few challenges and issues with bottle collection. If you have a stock pile of rinsed out and washed glass bottles please give us a ring on 01556 620 374 and we will arrange collection.

9) Will you be selling orange juice in glass bottles again?

We are now selling orange juice in 1L cartons for the same price as the pint bottles were. We will be continuing to sell orange juice in cartons and will not be sourcing them in glass bottles again as the supply was too unreliable.

10) Do you sell butter, cheese, bread or buttermilk?

Unfortunately we do not sell any of these products but we do have a great range of other products.  There are some fantastic food producers in Dumfries and Galloway who make these products and you can find more information here Dumfries & Galloway Food Producers

11) What time do you deliver?

Our delivery times vary depending on where you live as our drivers have many deliveries to do each night. Timings typically vary any time between 11pm and 8am with some exceptions of later morning deliveries on certain delivery runs.

12) Can I mix the Rowan Glen yoghurt trays?

We source our trays from Rowan Glen where they come prepacked from the factory. Unfortunately, we cannot change the flavours in the trays but we are now selling yoghurts individually so you can mix and match with individual flavours, at 48p each for low fat and 58p each for rich & creamy – more information on on our website.

13) When will my emails and messages get replied to?

We work extremely hard during office hours to reply to each individual message and email as efficiently as possible. They are replied to 9am-6pm Monday to Friday and 9am-12 noon on Saturdays. Out of office hours, Facebook messages receive an automatic response which informs you that our office is closed and that we will respond as soon as we can. This automated message will mark your message as being read; however this does not mean that a member of our team has seen it. If your enquiry has not been acknowledged that same day, please give us a phone on 01556 620 374 during office hours.

14) Why is my delivery later than usual?

Occasionally, when drivers are on holiday or off ill, other drivers take their place and cover their runs. As it is not their usual delivery run, they can sometimes make slight errors or reach your house a little later than usual. Please be patient with us as our drivers try the best they can to fill in, especially in areas they are completely unfamiliar with.

15) Is my order the same every week?

When ordering with us, your initial order is put in as a standing order which means you will receive the same every week until you stop or change the order. We can amend your order as you like, each weekly order does not need to be placed separately.

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